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Doggett's Wager 2023 - Draw


13 July, 2023
Emily Hickman, Mat Brookes and Reese Ballard at the Draw.

The Draw for the 2023 Doggett's Coat and Badge Wager took place, today, 13th July 2023, in the Fishmonger's Company Hall. 

Toby Williamson, Clerk of the Fishmonger's led the day, with Bobby Prentice (Race Umpire), Simon McCarthy (Rowing Officer) and Ted Gradosielski (Master) all speaking. 

Emily Hickman drew station 1, and will race in light blue.

Matt Brookes drew station 2, and will race in red.

Reese Ballard drew station 3, and will race in black. 

All are first time entrants.

Good luck to all!